Alex O’Byrne

The Author

Alex O'ByrneAlex O’Byrne is an international online marketing expert and founder and managing director of Online Marketing Whiz, an online marketing company running out of Sydney, Australia.

Through his online blog,  Alex loves teaching the would about the various topics of online marketing and showing his readers how easy it is to tweak yourself just a little online to achieve massive profits.

At the age of 15,  Alex was kicked out of school and found himself wondering what to do next.  It was the work of his mentor that took him under his wing that really turned things around, his Dad Rob O’Byrne.

Soon after this Alex found the possibilities in online marketing for business and decided to proceed down this path. After a lot of training from his mentor and countless marketing seminars and conferences with the leading professionals in the industry,  Alex found himself now a step above the rest in regards to having the ability to grow businesses with ease.

His mission now is to take your business under his wing,  like his mentor to him and grow your business, income and lifestyle.